Wireless GSM Door Intercom


A combined product of wireless, GSM based door entry intercom and GSM Key for remote opening of the door or gate by CLIP - caller ID.

Up to 250 users stored on the SIM card.

CLIP - caller ID based remote opening of the door or gate by ringing only (free of charge). Ringing is accepted from authorised numbers only - saved on the SIM card.

History of events - registration of phone numbers which opened the door - gate. The list of numbers including date and time can be sent to a preprogrammed GSM number by SMS text message.

Easy to install – just save authorised user numbers to the SIM card and connect the unit to a power supply.

Integrated Li-Ion ACU battery provides back up for 24-hour operation.

  • 1 or 2 pushbuttons
  • Up to 5 numbers can be assigned to each pushbutton. The numbers are dialled progresivelly when previous dialled number is busy.
  • 2 inputs for closing 5V contacts (e.g. alarm output, sensors outputs). When the input is short circuited the SMS text message is sent to a preprogrammed number (each input has got its own number).
  • 2 switchable relays, which can be controlled by a code during the phone conversation, by the CLIP - caller ID ringing or by SMS text message.
  • Back-up ACU – back up for 24-hour operation. A text message can be sent during a power outage as soon as the unit starts using the ACU back-up.
  • Incoming calls are accepted from numbers saved on SIM card only.
  • Relays controlled by SMS - commands accepted from numbers saved on the SIM card only.

Parametres setting:

  • by PC

    • by SMS remotely (from authorised numbers only)
  • by mobile phone
    • preprogram the user number on your mobile phone directly
    • insert the preprogrammed SIM card into the GSM Door Intercom