Analog Door Phone SLIM

with optional keypad


  • Very slim modul for surface mounting only
  • Supplied in variants with 1, 2 or 4 buttons
  • External keypad available
  • Voice communication powered from analog telephone line only
  • Pulse and tone (DTMF) dial
  • Two 16-digit numbers saved under each button (includes *, #, FLASH and pause)
  • DAY/NIGHT mode
  • Call prolongation by dialling * or #
  • Electrical (magnetic) lock connection possibility
  • 4 modes of relay (lock, camera, light, external bell)
  • Code to hang from phone
  • Code to open the door by phone
  • 3 different passwords for code lock (external code from buttons)
  • Optional number of rings before answering incoming call
  • Optional time among button pressing by code entry
  • Optional time of hanging up when using REDIAL
  • Optional time before start of dialling
  • Optional parameters of tone dialling (DTMF), Flash and Pause duration
  • Default in different levels
  • Possible programming not only by remote control (DTMF), but also by direct PC connection via USB (special tool)*
  • Integrated heating of printed circuit (PCB)
  • Permanent lighting through visiting cards
  • Earthing outlet for better protection against static electricity
  • Switchable acoustic signalization