Analog GSM gateway - MiniGate A DialThru


Main features:

  • CLIP based callback
  • Mobile extension - no missed office calls
  • Mobile extension feature is not a traditional call forward, incomming call rings both on your office line and your mobile phone
  • Dial through FXO/FXS - no extra analog PBX ports required
  • SMS notification at no answer
  • Two stage incomming call dialling
  • LCR - least cost routing
  • PSTN and GSM connectivity
  • Cheap replacement of DECT phones
  • Compact unit, only 110x68x27mm
  • You can use your own, locally certified power supply adapter, e.g.
    • 230VAC / 12VDC / min. 500mA
    • 230VAC / 9VAC / min. 800mA