Analog GSM - UMTS 3G router

BlueGate A Brave

Quad band GSM module inside (850/1900/900/1800MHz) - worldwide use

Optionally UMTS 3G module inside ((850/1900/900/1800MHz and 2100MHz) - worldwide use

1 GSM channel - 1 SIM card 

Optionally 1 UMTS channel - 1 USIM card 

Reverse polarity

12/16kHz tarrif metering pulses 

CLIP (FSK Bell, DTMF) sending to the PBX phone system

Optional USB port

Optional programming via USB port 

Optional SMS Mail server SW

Optional battery backup 

FXS interface - connection to analog trunk line of PBx or to analog phone

12V power supply adapter

RJ11 port for 2 wire analog phone interface