Analog GSM gateway - MiniGate A FCT

fixed cellular terminal - GSM Gateway


fixed to mobile cost reduction device.  

- a compact GSM gateway using Cinterion (Siemens) TC35i suitable for connection to analogue lines.


Features & Benefits

  • Features:

    • 90 x 60 x 25 mm size
    • FXS interface - connection to analogue trunk line (analog phone or PBX CO line)
    • 900 MHz/1800 MHz
    • built-in USB interface for GSM modem use (data, SMS with SMS to Mail program, etc.)
    • setting parameters via DTMF or programming by PC
    • 16/12KHz tariff metering pulses
    • CLIP FSK/DTMF, possibility to display calling party´s name if stored on SIM card
    • reverse polarity


  • Benefits:

    • fixed line replacement - suitable for locations where it is difficult or impossible to install a fixed line
    • Internet connection for remote locations
    • connect MiniGate A to your PBX:
      • all extension lines/PBX users can receive calls from GSM networks
      • all extension lines/PBX users can make calls to GSM networks
    • MiniGate A can be either set for receiving calls or making outgoing calls only
    • settings of call restrictions independently on PBX - PBX administrator is not needed
    • cheap international calls by using special offers of your local GSM provider
    • saving money to your business partners and customers when calling to your company from a mobile phone
    • USB interface – send/receive data, text messages or fax messages from/to your PC
    • CLIP/caller ID – route your calls to the right PBX extension according to the caller´s line identification number and display the calling party´s number to the called PBX user.