VoIP GSM gateway

BlueGate SIP1


  • VoIP SIP - GSM gateway
    • Voice and SMS gateway
  • 1 GSM channel - 1 SIM card
  • 1 VoIP channel - 1 IP address
  • Internal basic SIP proxy server for max. 10 users
  • DISA
  • SMS_Mail SW option
    • Intelligent routing of incomming SMS text messages
  • Designed for connection to SIP-PBX
  • Codecs G.711u, G.711a, G.726, GSM
  • Quadband (850/950/1800/1900MHz) - worldwide use

Alphatech Technologies completes its range of GSM gateways integrating the SIP protocol. Featuring similar functionalities as our analog and ISDN gateways, BlueGate SIP1 offers connectivity to  IP-SIP PBXs.

The BlueGate SIP1 can backup your VoIP infrastructure and avoid a total breakdown of telephone connection in your company in case of internet failure.

Single user or a very small office can benefit from the simple, basic, internal SIP proxy server. Once configured in the SIP proxy server mode, you can register up to 10 IP phones directly on the gateway.

Naturally, the key application for the BlueGate SIP1 is connection to a SIP based PBX.