Ordering codeContentComments
PX-1M 1x M.2 Type M 2280/2210 for NVMe SSD. PCIe 3.0 x 4  
WiFi b/g/n Intel T.B.D. M.2 Wifi Module  
LTE cellular modem T.B.D. M.2  
PS220 DC power supply, 220W Universal input VAC, DC20V/11A output
WMT Wall mount hanger kit  
DMT Desktop mount kit  
FAN120 FAN for wall mount assembly. Silent, low RPM.  
3U2 Add a U.2, 2.5" NVMe SSD in place of a PCIe slot.

Can be ordered with :3X, 2X, Combo, 1F/wide and Bare configurations.

Is not compatible with Storage and Storage/2 configurations.

VMT Vibration mount. Attaches to the DMT.